• Mission :“To bridge the gap between the Patron and the Dependent”

The age when students are in standard 9th &10th is the most sensitive stage and here we are to help them with all your support.

Project Vidya is about spreading knowledge, in terms of notebooks, in all the schools whether it is Government or a Private institution. Project Vidya helps students to make their study material more beneficial by providing them “Free Notebooks”.

It is a fact that many student leave school just because they do not have proper stationery with them, mainly notebooks, how a soldier can guard a nation without a proper weapon and in a young nation like India we cannot afford our young literate soldiers to go un-guarded without proper stationery. Starting with our Home District of Vadodara in Gujarat state of India we will be covering all the rural schools of India and will provide each student of standard 9th & 10th free set of notebooks.

Every revolution begins with a small thought. All that is required is a kind action and a clear-cut vision. There are many who are fortunate, capable and willing to lend a helping hand to the needy, but are not sure whom to approach or if their support would be utilized for a right cause. It is our solemn promise that we utilize every assistance we receive in order to improve Shambhavi Samarpan Foundation and its mission – “To bridge the gap between the Patron and the Dependent”.

With this mission we positively advance efforts to foster future Education resource by working with various partners and by making the best use of available resources in terms of Advertised Note Books.

We Invite companies to act and be a part of such a noble act. This may include the purchase of advertisement space on the note book for Company or Its Product display as just a small gesture. In short its is 100% value for money.

Advantages by involving in this activity are:-

Increasing top line through sales promotion with direct penetration in rural market.

Your direct approach to the target audience / rural market.

365 days impact of your advertisement that is 100% value of your money. Getting Minimum one year of branding by advertising just for once, resulting in the cost reduction of marketing expense which will increase your bottom line.

Becoming the Patron of a young Indian who will tomorrow make the future of our country shine and thus fulfilling our Social Responsibility towards the community by giving Help & hope in Education Stream.

Tax Benefit :- 50% Tax exemption on all the donations given to Shambhavi Samarpan ( Under IT Section 80G).*Necessary approvals are under process

We invite you all to join us in this social cause by helping us and giving advertisements for the cover page, back page, half page & quarter page.

The rates are given in the ratecard and you can book an advertisement.

Nurture education resources and enhance the Educational life of our students.

He who opens a school door closes a prison “ Education That liberates “ so let’s join hands and make the future of India glow.

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